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Daily Meal Allowance Per Day

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(Note $70 is the maximum that you can claim for any full day that you are traveling on LLS business (including gratuities).  For example, if you leave at noon for travel you may seek reimbursement for lunch and dinner for that day ($50), but you cannot claim a reimbursement for breakfast for that day.)

  • Breakfast- $10-$15
  • Lunch $15-$20
  • Dinner $25-$35
  • Resulting in no more than an average of $70.00 per day, including gratuities not to exceed 15%, based on service. 
  • Two receipts are required for all meal reimbursements. The original itemized receipt (showing all items ordered) and the original summary charge slip (showing any taxes and tip).
  • If one person pays the check for more than one person, that payer must submit the original receipts and may seek reimbursement for the meals.  However, the payer must indicate on the receipt the name(s) of persons on the receipt and what each person ordered.
  • If a meal is shared and the bill divided among students and only one set of original receipts (itemized receipt and summary charge slip) is provided, the individual who paid the bill will submit the original receipts with his/her Student Travel Expense Report. The other students who shared the meal will submit photocopies of the two receipts with their individual Student Travel Expense Reports and explain who is submitting the original receipts. Each student must list on the receipts the names of those who shared the meal.
  • All receipts must be legible and readable receipts.
  • All backup documentation must show proof of payment. For example, receipt must show a credit card charge. 

*Alcohol and bar tabs are not reimbursable.  If a receipt includes any alcoholic beverages, they should be identified and their cost must be deducted from the bill.

Due Dates:

Receipts must be organized and then taped (not stapled) to blank sheets of paper so that they can be easily photocopied. Return the completed original report along with all of your original receipts to Professor Delfino or Camille Toomer no later than THREE business days after you return.

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Payment will be made by check. We will send a check to the address you entered above.