MCLE Credit for Adjunct Professors

Teaching a Law School Course

The Guidelines: MCLE Rules and Regulations of the State Bar of California, Section 5.4.1 provides that “Credit hours for teaching a law school class are computed by multiplying the number of credit hours/units granted by the law school by 12. If a portion of a law school class is devoted to a subject set forth in section 2.1, credit hours for teaching that subject are computed by multiplying actual speaking time by one. In no case may the credit hours claimed for teaching a law school class exceed credit hours/units multiplied by 12.”

Section 2.1 relates to particular required subject areas that include legal ethics, law practice management, prevention, detection and treatment of substance abuse and emotional distress, and elimination of bias, which“may be a portion of a substantive law education activity.” If any of these subject areas were covered in your course, you may claim credit for fulfilling that requirement as described above.

Loyola Law School issues a “Certificate of Teaching/California MCLE Credit” for adjunct professors that indicates the number of credit hours. It is up to the individual instructor to compute MCLE credit hours, including those attributable to the required subjects, if any, as described in section 2.1. Please note that if you co-teach a class, than the total hours will be divided. Example: 2-unit course x 12 = 24 hours MCLE credit. If co-taught with one other person, 12 hours maximum MCLE credit.

If you would like a certificate issued to you at the end of the semester, please complete the below details, submit and then Byllie Richardson from the Dean’s Office will be notified. Your certificate will be sent to you as a PDF file via e-mail.

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For questions, please contact Byllie Richardson from the Dean's Office at 213.736.1038.